Telematica Sistemi offers to energy producers, utilities, consumers and installers a wide range of services and products. Our offer is continually updated and expanded. Products are usually on stock or available with short delivery time.

MID Energy meters

  • Iskra MT880 (Multifunction energy meter for Low and Medium voltage)
  • Iskra MT174 (Polyphase meter for Low voltage networks)
  • Iskra Mx38y (Interoperable residential smart meter with extensive functionalities)

Electrical cabinets

Dataloggers and protocol converters

  • LPLog-X (Advanced multipurpose datalogger)
  • MB880-X (External Modbus/RTU, Modbus/TCP converter for Iskra MT880 meters)
  • LPLog-2 (Advanced multipurpose datalogger)
  • DUPLI (Pulse Splitter/Counter with Modbus-RTU communication)
  • CCI (Central Plant Controller (Controllore Centrale di Impianto) Delibera 540/2021/R/EEL.)

Communication equipments

  • Communication modules (For Iskra MT880-M meters)
  • Indubox M4 (Rugged industrial Smart GSM / GPRS / LTE / Ethernet modem with RS232/RS485)
  • Indubox GSM IX (Rugged industrial GSM/GPRS modem with RS232 and RS485)
  • Indubox PSTN (Rugged industrial PSTN modem with RS232 and RS485)
  • Device Servers (Serial to ethernet device servers)
  • Uport (USB to serial converters)
  • TabellariuS (GSM to LAN gateway for meters with IEC 62056-21 communication protocol)
  • CS4HUB (RS232/RS485 to active CS 20ma Current Loop converter)

Voltage and Current transformers

  • CT (Current transformers for Low and Medium voltage)
  • VT (Voltage transformers for Low and Medium voltage)


Discontinued products

  • MT830-831 (MID Multifunction poly-phase electronic precision meter class C.)
  • MT/TE851 (Electronic precison meters, class 1, 0.5 or 0.2)
  • MT/TE855 (Precision meters class 0.5 or 0.2 with two independent communication channels)
  • MT372 (Three-phase electronic meter with GSM/GPRS integrated modem.)
  • MT860S (High precision modular meter, class 0.2S, MID C)

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