GSM to LAN gateway for meters with IEC 62056-21 communication protocol

TabellariuS is an innovative GSM-to-LAN gateway designed to optimize the communication framework with the energy meters installed inside photovoltaic, hydroelectric, wind farm and power plants where multiple energy meters need to be remotely read through GSM.

Provides GSM connection to all the meters in the LAN.


  • Cost and performance optimization of the GSM communication by means of:
  • 1. Reduction of the number of GSM modem, antennas and SIM cards
  • 2. Positioning of the unique GSM modem on the optimal location inside the plant
  • CallerID control: only the authorized callers will gain access to the meters
  • No need to setup router and firewall
  • Logbook of the incoming calls, even granted or rejected
  • Arrangement of a secondary (backup) communication channel with the meters