Effective monitoring of energy fluxes

“Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so” (G.Galilei)


Making information accessible

Organize and facilitate access to the measurements


Monitoring and Analisys of Energy Consumptions

Rational energy use implies knowledge of the consumptions


Assist customers in correct use of the products

Customer oriented technical service


Technologies serving the energy market

Italian exclusive authorized dealer


CCI (Controllore Centrale Impianto) - Central Plant Controller - Delibera 540/2021/R/EEL

Obligation for producers operating power generation facilities with a capacity of 1 MW or more


LPLOG-2, top class datalogger for the reading of GME meters
Safely archives the measurements from any meter equipped with pulse outputs ... and much more ...

DISCOVER Use case: the sun on Telematica Sistemi

Payments not received from GSE due to lacking of production meters reading ?
Are you getting PEC emails from the utility because they cannot read your meters ?


A complete range of products and services for efficient energy use

Measuring instruments

Energy meters for Low, Medium and High Voltage, electrical cabinets, NTP servers, voltage and current transformers, dataloggers and communication instruments


Meter reading service

Meter reading and data publishing on Web portal, billing system integration, automatic report generation for 'Agenzia delle Dogane'


AMR software

Development of automatic meter reading systems, energy monitoring, SCADA systems interfacing, mobile and desktop applications



Iskraemeco has been developing, manufacturing, and selling electricity meters since 1945. Co-founder of the IDIS association for interoperability in the smart metering industry.

Bausch Datacom manufactures heavy-duty PSTN, GSM & GPRS/3G modems and RTU's for the energy, automation & M2M market.

TimeTools is a leading source of highly precise time references for synchronising computers and computer network infrastructure..