LPReport is the perfect solution for automated meter reading. Regardless of the communication media used, meters are reliably read. Data can be exported to billing systems or organized into completely customizable reports. A single application for the reading of all your meters.


  • Supports all the electricity meters approved by ENEL
  • Automated data collection through scheduled operations
  • Production of the monthly report for 'Agenzia delle Dogane'
  • Supports the import of profiles from various file formats
  • Management of virtual meters
  • Analysis of completeness and load profiles validation
  • Timetable for periodic testing of meter accuracy
  • Powerfull XLS report generator


LPWeb, the Web reporting tool of LPReport, is the ideal application for accessing the data from computers or mobile devices. User friendly interface, astonishing speed, interaction with messenger apps, customizable reports for technical, administrative and management staff.


  • Supports all popular browsers
  • User-based policy: grant or deny access to data and functionalities
  • Custom reports generation, data aggregation, data export
  • Publicly available or private report definition
  • Powerful scripting language allows the design of complex reports
  • Multilanguage: Italian, English, French, German
  • Short-term power grid failures reporting
  • Real time monitoring of PV plants
  • Integration with Telegram for sending notices and alerts

Monitoraggio K

MonitoraggioK comes from an indisputable fact: Excel is the tool most widely used by Energy Managers. Combining ease of use and high productivity, MonitoraggioK allows the fast update of the many spreadsheets used by Energy Managers to perform their recurring activities.


  • Supports XLS and XLSX data sheets
  • Minimum addition required to existing data sheets
  • Does not affect the original data sheet
  • MonitoraggioK speeds up the updating process for calculated results
  • Avoids the mistakes associated with improper Cut&Paste operations
  • Colorize data incompleteness inside data clusterings
  • No administrative privileges required during installation
  • Requires Microsoft SQL Server database with LPReport, ESTOM or Iskra SEP2W 1.9 compatible structure


Application designed for energy producers from programmable energy sources. Data gateway and protocol converter.


  • Works as a gateway between IEC62056-21 electricity meters and power generation regulating systems
  • ESTOM can publish data through Modbus/RTU communication protocol or MS SQL Server database sharing
  • Creates up to four Modbus/RTU servers over serial interfaces
  • ESTOM takes care of meter reading, synchronization between meters and regulating system, data publishing and archiving, faults reporting
  • Two dedicated client software allow for remote management of the measurements recorded into the database and for remote monitoring of meter's cumulative energy registers

Implementation Installation Maintenance
Solutions for energy fluxes management, for central processing or field devices. Platforms: Microsoft Windows ®, Linux, Android. Remote or onsite installation, depending on the kind of solution and customer preferences. Wide range of maintenance contracts, from help-desk to remote assistance, updates and upgrades, onsite interventions, 24/7.

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