Production meter remote reading

Cloud based data archiving and publishing

  • Daily reading of load profile, clock and end-of-month cumulative registers
  • No additional hardware required, meter reading through existing GSM modem (595 regulation)
  • Web platform accessible from every Internet browser
  • An easy way to monitor the remote accessibilty of the production meters in charge to a utility / GSE
  • Online access to all the data collected, data grouping from 15 minutes to 1 month
  • Customizable reports, data download in CSV or Excel format
  • Meter's clock drift monitoring
  • Monthly validation of load profiles
  • Reports for "Agenzia delle Dogane" (UTF), end-of-day values of 2.8.0 and 1.8.0 cumulative registers
  • REST API for easy integration with third parties systems
  • Automatic SFTP load profile transfer (CSV or Excel format)
  • Simple (username/password), two-factor user authentication or SSO
  • Selection of the accessible meters/functions configurable on user base
  • Tariff/shift allocation of the consumptions (industrial energy supply))
  • Optional reading of the grid meters (e-distribuzione) using our LPLog-X datalogger

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