PC Time Synchronization Solution

Accurate GPS time server solutions for PC's and other time critical devices and applications.
TimeTools GPS time servers provide accuracies to < 100 nanoseconds and can accurately synchronise Windows, LINUX and UNIX operating systems.

An efficient AMR system requires accurate synchronization between the meters and the reading application.
It is a common practice that the reading application act as a time reference for the meters, hence the PC hosting the application must be synchronized by an accurate and reliable time source.


  • Industry leading 5 year warranty
  • 12-channel GPS receiver with high sensitivity indoor or outdoor operation
  • Single satellite timing operation
  • Timing information to +/- 60 nanoseconds can be provided via a RS232 serial interface


  • Accurately synchronize time critical processes
  • Accurate, traceable time reference inside your firewall
  • Reliable timing information derived from atomic time
  • Simple to install, configure and maintain