NTP Servers

sync all hardware equipment on your network

Linux based true stratum 1 NTP Network Time Servers offer a real breakthrough in price and performance.
Available with GPS, DCF-77 and MSF hardware clocks and high stability backup oscillator options. Can accurately synchronise most operating systems and network infrastructure, including Windows, Linux, Unix, Servers, Workstations, digital clocks, routers and firewalls.

What is NTP ?
NTP is a computer network protocol which is used to synchronise time on computers across a network. NTP stands for Network Time Protocol.
Dr David Mills of the University of Delaware invented on 1981. He saw a growing need to synchronise time on computers.
Now, many distributed computer processes and applications rely on precise system time. Transaction processing, event logging, CCTV and DVR applications all rely on accurate time stamping.

NTP has a hierarchical structure. At the highest level, or stratum, are precise hardware clocks, which can synchronise to highly accurate external time references, such as GPS or national radio time and frequency broadcasts. These hardware clock devices are known as stratum 0 devices.
A stratum 1 time server obtains time directly from a hardware clock and is the most accurate reference in the NTP hierarchy.
All lower stratum devices obtain time from the stratum above over a network.
As the network introduces timing discrepancies, lower stratum devices are a factor less accurate.